Friday, March 26, 2010

White Wizzard - Over the Top

"Over the Top" - the second video in the White Wizzard saga - went online not too long ago. The band's eponymous album has now also been released in the UK and US. So far, the response for the video has been very positive (though i think the negative comments are my favorites). At this rate, the total views should pass GTO in the next month or so. Sweet.

The video was shot over two days in December 09. We shot in LA and Pioneertown, CA. Between surprise weather, last minute location scrambling, and disappearing band members, the shoot was hectic to say the least! But all said and done, I'm proud of the final product, and grateful for everyone's efforts.

Some "interesting" facts about the video:
-The snow was unexpected. It had just rained in LA, but that meant snow in Pioneertown (elevation 4000 feet). White snow, White Wizzard... it worked out.
-The red civic hatchback is my car. It rules.
-The bar we shot at was surprisingly open for business when we got 6AM! Hence the rad / drunk geezers in the background.
-I forgot to roto around the sorcerer's finger in the crystal ball shot @ 2:40.
-The mechanic randomly auditioned for this video while waiting to audition for something else entirely. He didn't get the other part.
-The bar maids are twins.

A few production stills

One of the first setups of the day.

"Chicks dig spells, what can I say?"


One of them is the actual bartender. Can you guess which one?

Deleted scene.

Cast (in order of appearance)
Sorcerer: Jack Curenton
Mechanic: Brian Flaherty
Bar Maids: Christine Mulhern, Elizabeth Mulhern
Bar Tender: Rox Ann Gonzalez
White Wizzard: Kai Cofer

Director: Dave Vorhes
Producers: Tom Mares, Dave Vorhes
Editor / (crappy) VFX: Dave Vorhes
Composer: Austin Wintory
Art Dept: Jessica Feavel, Dave Vorhes
Costumes: Priscilla Watson
Grip: Derek Copeland
PA: Anais Mares

Special thanks to Tony Ritter for the location referral, and Ali & Digby at Earache Records.

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